Current Affairs Dear Private Citizen Barack Ubama,                              Parabellum, Sports and Parabellum, Sports, LLC would like to extend our most profound thanks to you for your unwavering and ever-timely support of our business over the eight years of our business and your regime.  “We didn’t build that– someone else made it possible.”  That someone was largely you.  You, as a fresh-faced no-resume/ mostly absent Senator/ former community organizer/ Bolshevik sympathizer, gave us our initial motivation to start a business based one of our greatest civil rights– the one guaranteed by the Second Amendment to our Constitution.  You inspired us and our patriotic customers, by your soaring rhetoric, authoritarian action, and disdain for our superior culture, to put 3181 more firearms into the hands of a sovereign and free citizenry.  We will be ever grateful to the first person to inhibit the political ambitions of one Hilliar Rodham-Clinton (2008), facilitate the thorough decimation of the leftist political party of America (2010, 2014, 2016) and see a successful private economy businessman salvage the erstwhile vacant role of leader of the free world.   A final thank you.


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